How to ensure that kitchen equipment operates effectively after installation? | SHINELONG

April 10, 2024

As the cornerstone of any successful commercial kitchen operation, the dynamic nature of equipment maintenance cannot be overstated. Here's how to ensure your kitchen equipment operates effectively post-installation:

Equipment Placement: Position equipment in a manner that streamlines workflow and skews towards efficiency. The layout should be such that there is minimal movement required between workstations and high-performance equipment is easily accessible.

Run Tests: Once the installation is done, run initial tests on your equipment to ensure they are working as expected. Testing allows you to assess the performance and tweak any settings for optimal functionality.

Staff Training: Conduct comprehensive training for kitchen staff on how to use each piece of equipment efficiently and safely. Proper training reduces the chances of mishandling or misuse of the devices, which can lead to early equipment malfunction or breakdown.

Schedule Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance checks should be part of your standard operating procedure. Preventive maintenance can help detect potential issues early and prevent costly breakdowns. This should include tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, calibration, etc.

Use Manufacturer-recommended Spare Parts: Always use genuine, manufacturer-recommended parts for any replacements. Inferior or cheap parts can compromise the functionality and durability of your devices.

Adhering to Usage Instructions: Ensure that all staff adhere to the manufacturer's usage instructions. Overuse or misuse can significantly reduce equipment lifespan, leading to frequent breakdowns.

Keep Records: Keep a detailed record of each equipment's maintenance schedules, repairs, and part replacements. Records can help you manage your equipment more effectively and plan your budgets for future maintenance or replacements.

Last and certainly not least, the cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen equipment are important factors in ensuring the operational efficiency of the equipment. Equipment in the process of use, easily accumulates oil, dirt, residue, etc., if not timely cleaned up, which will lead to a decline in the effectiveness of the equipment heat exchange, and even affect the normal work of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the equipment, using professional cleaning agents and cleaning tools, to carry out careful and thorough cleaning of the equipment. In addition, handling ingredients should also be kept hygienic, and no ingredients or stains should be left inside the equipment, so as not to corrode the equipment or cause cross-contamination.

In conclusion, ensuring the effective operation of your kitchen equipment post-installation is not an uphill task. It requires a proactive approach and adherence to best practices to maintain the functionality and longevity of your devices. With proper care, your kitchen can function as a well-oiled machine making any service provision seamless and, in turn, contributing to the growth of your restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction.


Shinelong Group includes Shinelong company which is a global commercial kitchen solution provider and Furnotel company which is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment. Since 1998, Shinelong Group has started as a stainless steel workshop. In 2008, Shinelong started to set up a professional service office and Furnotel brand center when realized the importance of the uniqueness of a brand. The team includes more than 50 persons, 25 of them in the pre-sales and after-sales service department, 4 of them in the products developing department, 3 of them in the quality control department, 3 of them in the marketing department, and the rest in the supporting department. From then on, Shinelong has devoted to manufacturing professional commercial kitchen equipment as well as A to Z solutions in F&B, catering, and central kitchen, till now, the service has been delivered to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, and more than 120 countries with more than 2800 cases. Shinelong hopes to be a worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen equipment solutions. And Furnotel hopes to be a global leading brand of China commercial kitchen equipment.

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