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Beef cabinet temperature-2~2℃
Wine cooler temperature12~18℃
Cooling methodAir cooling


 Its dual temperature feature allows the storage of varied items like beef and wine at their ideal temperatures within the same unit. It eliminates the need for separate storage units thus saving space and simplifying inventory management.

●With one unit housing both a wine cooler and beef cabinet, the operational process and maintenance are simplified, reducing labor cost and time.

●The beef cabinet temperature ideally ranges from -2 to 2 degrees Celsius, creating a perfect freezing environment for preserving the quality and freshness of the beef. 

●Complementing the beef cabinet is the wine cooler with a temperature range of 12 to 18 degrees Celsius, greatly preserving your stock of red wines at an optimal serving temperature.

The HJNG-20 does not just impress with its performance but also its operational process. The dual function design allows staff to easily manage and access both wine and beef inventories from the same cabinet which greatly improves kitchen efficiency and staff productivity.

This product caters to a wide range of culinary environments, from bistros, catering events, buffet banquets, to luxury hotels and swanky dinner parties. The Shinelong's HJNG-20 blends the practicality of a commercial kitchen appliance with sleek design and forward-thinking technology, making it a worthwhile investment for any establishment.

The easy-to-manage temperature control system allows for precision and consistency which is critical in ensuring that your beef and red wines are always in perfect condition.

In conclusion, owning a Shinelong's HJNG-20 Air Cooling Beef Cooked Red Wine Dual Temperature Cabinet ensures you not only have a state-of-the-art appliance but a reliable partner that elevates your service delivery, reduces operational costs, and helps deliver a remarkable gastronomic experience to your discerning customers. Invest in the HJNG-20 today and serve the future, today.



Frequently Asked Questions about professional kitchen supplies


Do red and white wines need to be stored at different temperatures?        


Absolutely. When it comes to storing bottles of wine, one temp fits all: Regardless of a wine's color or style, it should be stored at about 55° F for optimal aging and preservation.


What is the best temperature for red wine storage?      


Ideally, your red wine should be stored at an optimal temperature of around 12 °C.


What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet?  


In contrast to wine coolers, most wine cabinets come equipped with sophisticated cooling units that tightly control temperature. These refrigeration systems reduce the fluctuations that can harm the aging process.


Can you store red wine at 39 degrees?        


Avoid an area where temperatures fluctuate, and never store your wine below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures can interfere with the aging process and cause your wines to lose their flavors or become vinegary.

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
    Tianan Headquarters Center, No.555 North Panyu Avenue, Donghuan Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • Main Industry
    Food & Beverage Machinery
  • Main Products
    Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Jean Yang
  • Total Employees
    201~1000 people
  • Annual Output Value
    USD 17,000,000
  • Export Market
    European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Latin America,Africa,Oceania,Japan,Southeast Asia,America
  • Cooperated Customers
    Marriotts,Hilton,Ramada,Gahna Hospital,etc
Company Profile
Shinelong Group includes Shinelong company which is a global commercial kitchen solution provider and Furnotel company which is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment.
Since 1998, Shinelong Group has started as a stainless steel workshop.
In 2008, Shinelong started to set up a professional service office and Furnotel brand center when realized the importance of the uniqueness of a brand. The team includes more than 50 persons, 25 of them in the pre-sales and after-sales service department, 4 of them in the products developing department, 3 of them in the quality control department, 3 of them in the marketing department, and the rest in the supporting department. From then on, Shinelong has devoted to manufacturing professional commercial kitchen equipment as well as A to Z solutions in F&B, catering, and central kitchen, till now, the service has been delivered to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, and more than 120 countries with more than 2800 cases.
Shinelong hopes to be a worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen equipment solutions. And Furnotel hopes to be a global leading brand of China commercial kitchen equipment.
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