As you plan to start your society catering business, the places people dine in most frequently, no matter it is a fast food restaurant, cafe or bakery, you must make efforts to satisfy your customers and makes them repeat to dine in the restaurant. Shinelong’s turn-key commercial kitchen solutions, provides F&B developers an understanding of how to make a smart plan of their kitchen and helps increase repeat customers.


Kitchen blocks, chillers, freezers, dishwashers, extractor hoods and all the additional appliances are required by your kitchens and dinning areas that offer dine-in or take-away orders and must guarantee high production volumes. Then you need a consultant to handle all these who is responsible for turn-key design consultancy, facility planning and project scheduling. In addition,  they are able to coordinate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the kitchen.


As you build or upgrade your fast-food operation, food truck, a reasonable layout design and the right equipment can help maximize your limited space while the professional equipment and supplies enable you to serve customers quickly and safely. Programmable fryer, large capacity under counter freezer, or a reliable warming showcase will be a good helper.


When you are looking solutions for your cafe, you’ll find the items here that will meet your front or back-of-house prep and serving needs. And don’t forget a customized bar counter which will make a great addition to your restaurant.


Baking cakes, breads, pies, and cookies is part art and part science. The journey from ingredients to dough to oven requires care and patience. Having the right tools, equipment and supplies is critical to your success. And then your products need to be displayed just right to give that polished, professional presentation that will wow your clients and help boost your establishment’s impulse sale. So addition to food processors and ovens, the dry and refrigerated bakery cases serve as the backbone for your bakery business.


If you are looking for quality kitchen equipment with perfect layout for your fast food chain, cafe and bakery, our design and build service is for you. At Shinelong we have the capability to provide you with any style of design for your project.

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