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One of the biggest investments that goes into opening a new restaurant is the kitchen. A commercial kitchen needs industrial-grade equipment that can withstand busy restaurant use. The layout of a commercial restaurant kitchen must be planned to allow food to flow seamlessly from the prep area to the line. The well-equipped kitchen is the chef's best friend. When you have the right equipment and know how to use it, you can focus on the food when it is in large quantity. Kitchen tools make cooking easier and the kitchen operate more efficiently for personal and business aspects.

We Shinelong has been proved its excellence in providing turn-key solutions for projects in specialty restaurant, traditional restaurant, fine Dining restaurant, seafood restaurant, steak house, villa kitchen, Halal food kitchen, food courts. We offer a full range of commercial kitchen equipment that includes everything like cooking range, oven, cooler/freezer (either chest, upright or walk-in), food processing machinery and stainless steel furniture.


The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, the place where your menu comes to life. It’s where food is prepared, cooked, and plated. It's the center of the action in many other ways—the kitchen is typically home to the dishwasher, your food ingredients, and all the various utensils, dishes, and cooking equipment. Unlike in a home kitchen, where it’s just you and your family, a restaurant kitchen can have dozens of people coming and going throughout any given shift, so it’s important that it's organized well. This not only saves time during the busy rushes, but it also helps the staff avoids accidents and reduces excess waste. Depending on the size of your restaurant kitchen and the restaurant concept, you may not need every item. Or you may need other types of equipment more specific to your restaurant concept, such as we know food courts have very less space to keep their kitchen equipment. Our engineering design team has years of experience and formed an integrated kitchen system. We can make design for your kitchen specially both in plan and 3d rendering to ensure the kitchen equipment will be properly coordinated with remaining construction or make customized commercial kitchen equipment according to the space and need.

Also our sales consulting team can help you with minimal budget to achieve maximum kitchen needs. We boast an extensive range of major equipment brands and models. This gives us unrivalled experience to advise you on the ideal solution for your requirements and get the best possible deal for you too.

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