The Essential Restaurant Equipment Guide

February 01, 2024

Are you opening a new restaurant? From essential kitchen supplies to necessary equipment, there are a lot of things to think about! Check off this brief list of essential kitchen equipment to make sure your place is flawlessly set!


What equipment do you need for your restaurant kitchen?

Kickstarting a new restaurant? You will probably have a lot on your mind. From setting the dining space right to preparing the menu, a lot of things go into perfectly setting up a restaurant. But amidst all this chaos, don’t forget to finalize the essential kitchen equipment list for your restaurant.


Depending on the type and size of the eatery you run, the list of kitchen equipment can vary. The basic idea is to give your staff all the necessary equipment that will help them cook, clean, serve, bake, and prep–all day, every day!


To help you check off this task from your do-to list, we have prepared a brief list of all the essential kitchen equipment that you must have in your new place. This list contains some primary kitchen equipment that is needed to set up a commercial kitchen.


 1. Ovens

Ovens are the first piece of equipment you will need to buy for your restaurant kitchen. But keep in mind that commercial ovens function differently than conventional ovens. They come in a variety of sizes, consume more power, and have different capabilities.


You need to analyze your baking needs before selecting ovens for your kitchen. Also, consider the quality of the product and the size of your space!


Here are the basic types of kitchen ovens:

● Commercial ovens–great for even-style cooking and baking

● Pizza ovens–specially designed for baking pizza

● Convection ovens–great for baked goods like cookies, pies, and cakes

● Combination ovens–great for baking, roasting, and steam-roasting

● Conveyor ovens–designed for paced cooking

 2. Cooking Ranges and Ventilation Equipment

The cooking range is the next thing you need to think about after buying good-quality ovens for your kitchen. Ventilation is another factor that is important for every commercial kitchen.


Typically, you will see two types of commercial ranges in the market:

● Gas ranges–offer more precision and speed

● Electric ranges–great for slow and even cooking but electricity bill can be a problem


No matter the type of cooking range you choose, you need a good ventilation system to go with it. Commercial kitchens can become a hot bomb if airflow is not maintained. You need good air circulation in your restaurant kitchen to make sure your staff remains comfortable even when the burners are on 24/7.

3. Mixers and Food Processors

If you run a busy kitchen, you must make things easier for your staff by buying good-quality mixers and processors. Mixers make the task of prepping batters easier during the baking process. On the other hand, processors can help with dicing, chopping, pureeing, and blending.


Here are some common types of food processors used in commercial kitchens:

● Continue feed processors

● Buffalo choppers

● Batch bowl processors


When it comes to choosing the mixers, you typically have these options:

● Handheld mixers

● Countertop mixers

● Floor mixers

4. Refrigeration Equipment

To maintain the quality of your food and keep it fresh for a long time, you will need good-quality refrigeration equipment that is fit for commercial use. Before buying refrigeration equipment, consider the size and features of your restaurant.


Here are some typical refrigeration equipment a commercial kitchen may need:


● Refrigerator–reach-in fridges, pass-through fridges, and walk-in coolers are some good choices!

● Freezer

● Ice machine

● Beverage dispensers

5. Food Prep Equipment

 Food prep is an essential part of cooking and it consumes a lot of time. It is essential to buy good-quality food prep equipment that will make the lives of your staff easier.


Two primary food prep equipment you will need in your commercial kitchen are prep counters and cutting boards.


Make sure to invest in high-quality stainless steel prep counters that have a micro-fridge installed beneath them. But why go for stainless steel? It can withstand cleaning products and does not absorb bacteria–perfect for food prep!


For cutting boards, go for plastic as it is easier to clean and non-porous!


6. Storage Equipment

In a commercial kitchen, you will need proper space to store your cooking ingredients, appliances, and prepping equipment.


Here are some primary storage equipment that you might need for your commercial setup:

● Shelving

● Utility carts and bussing

● Food storage containers

● Sheet pan racks

● Drying racks

● Mobile storage racks

7. Cooking Tools

In a busy restaurant, no chef or staff member has the time to wash dishes, spoons, and pans in between servings. So, think about the productivity of your restaurant and invest in ample amounts of cooking tools to give your staff the convenience they deserve!


Here are some tools you might need to pull off a restaurant shift:


● Pots and pans

● Spatulas

● Whisks

● Ladles

● Tongs

● Baking pans

● Mixing bowls

● Knives

● Roasting pans

● Pizza pans

● Rags and towels

● Mixing spoons

● Pizza cutters

8. Servingware

No matter the taste of your food–the quality of your service will be judged by your servingware. If you run a fine dining, good-quality serving dishes, cutlery, plates, and platters are important for your business’s success.


Here are some primary serving units that a typical fine-dine restaurant needs:


● Cutlery: spoons, forks, knives

● Dishware: plates, platters, bowls, and serving plates

● Glassware: wine, water, drink, and cocktail glasses

● Displayware: baskets and platters


Where to buy quality kitchen equipment?

Looking for some classical, reliable, and top-quality restaurant equipment for your high-end place? Shine Long Kitchen is a one-stop solution for all your kitchen needs. No matter the extent of your equipment list, we have the best products and solutions to fit the bill.


Talk to our experts and find out our wholesale products that are custom-made and meticulously designed to fit your culinary requirements!


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