commercial dehydrator machine

SHINELONG has set up a team which is mainly engaged in product development. Thanks to their efforts, we have successfully developed commercial dehydrator machine and planned to sell it to the overseas markets.
With complete commercial dehydrator machine production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our commercial dehydrator machine, call us directly.
SHINELONG has been focusing on developing products regularly, of which commercial dehydrator machine is the newest. It is the newest series of our company and is expected to surprise you.
  • commercial dehydrator machine at Wholesale Prices | SHINELONG
    commercial dehydrator machine at Wholesale Prices | SHINELONG
    possesses impressive technical expertise, extensive production experience, and top-of-the-line production equipment. Expect no less from the commercial dehydrator machine it creates - superior performance, consistent quality, and unparalleled excellence. Every product is certified by the national authority for quality assurance. Experience the best there is, only from .
  • X Series Gas Range 4-Burner
    X Series Gas Range 4-Burner
    Dimension:700*700*500mmNG Power:18kW LPG Power:16kWNet Weight:43.3kgGross Weight:64.9kg
  • universal steam at Wholesale Prices | SHINELONG
    universal steam at Wholesale Prices | SHINELONG
    Looking for a reliable and efficient supplier? Look no further than ! Our company has everything you need for a successful partnership: steady supply channels, state-of-the-art production and quality testing facilities, and a team of experienced professionals. Plus, we’ve established strict cost controls and a top-notch quality management system to ensure our products are priced competitively and meet your high standards. Choose for confidence in your next purchase!
  • 900 Series Chinese Style 4-Burner Gas Range With Oven
    900 Series Chinese Style 4-Burner Gas Range With Oven
    Dimension:800*900*850+120mmPower:22KW+5.4KWOven Power:5.4KWNet Weight:136kg
  • 4L 1-Tank Electric Fryer
    4L 1-Tank Electric Fryer
    Dimension:220*390*370mm                                      Power:2kW                  Voltage:220V-240V/50HzGross Weight:6kg Capacity: 4L   Temperature Range:50-190℃
  • X Series Open Cabinet
    X Series Open Cabinet
    Dimension:1050*590*490mm Material: Stainless Steel 201Net Weight:21kgGross Weight:31kg
  • 2 Burner Gas Stock Pot Range
    2 Burner Gas Stock Pot Range
    Dimension:1200*600+130*450mmMaterial: Stainless Steel Gas type:LPG/NGLPG Pressure:2800paNG Pressure:2000pa
  • X Series Electric Griddle With Stand
    X Series Electric Griddle With Stand
    Dimension:700*700*850+100mmPower:5kW Net Weight:70kg
  • F329-1 Vegetable Cutter-230V
    F329-1 Vegetable Cutter-230V
    The F329-1 Vegetable Cutter comes equipped with 5 pieces of knives, providing versatility in cutting options to suit various culinary needs. Whether you're slicing, dicing, shredding, or julienning, this cutter delivers precision and consistency, saving valuable time and labor in food preparation. Crafted from premium Stainless Steel 201 material, the cutter guarantees durability, hygiene, and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance in commercial kitchen settings. The process advantages of the F329-1 Vegetable Cutter extend beyond its technical specifications. Its powerful motor and sharp blades enable swift and efficient cutting of a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. It's a highly functional food preparation equipment for complex commercial kitchen environments.Model: F329-1Dimension:540*310*550mm Voltage:230V/50HzPower:550W                                   
  • X Series Gas Lava Rock Grill With Open Cabinet
    X Series Gas Lava Rock Grill With Open Cabinet
    Dimension:700*700*850+100mmNG Power:18kW LPG Power:17kWNet Weight:146kgGross Weight:167.6kg
  • Professional Customized cooking equipment manufacturers
    Professional Customized cooking equipment manufacturers
    Furnotel luxe series cooking range was born in 2021, it takes 330 days to develop until it's ready to sell to the market. This series is special designed for high quality commercial kitchen projects, and it can be customized according to owner requires.
  • X Series Stand
    X Series Stand
    Dimension:1200*590*490mm Material: Stainless Steel 201Net Weight:12kgGross Weight:22kg
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