Oven production process

May 17, 2023
Oven production process

Oven production process

The manufacture of ovens generally includes the following steps: raw material procurement, processing manufacturing, assembly, inspection, packaging, transportation, etc. In these processes, we strictly control the quality of each link to ensure that the oven produced meets the relevant standards and regulations.

First of all, raw material procurement is the first step in the oven production process. The main raw materials of the oven include steel plate, no

Steel poles, glass, electrical components, etc. We select these raw materials in strict accordance with the requirements and standards of our products

Secondly, processing and manufacturing is the core link of the oven production process. In this process, raw materials need to be brought in

Line machining and forming. This process includes steel plate stamping, stainless steel plate cutting, glass processing, electrical component installation, etc. These machining processes require tight control to ensure the precision and quality of the individual components

Next is assembly and inspection. During the assembly process, the individual parts that have been machined need to be assembled and merged

Conduct a preliminary test. This link needs to ensure that the assembly process and inspection results comply with the relevant standards and regulations.

Finally, there is packaging and shipping. In this process, the manufactured oven needs to be packaged for shipping

Lose and sell. Packaging needs to comply with relevant standards and regulations, while also taking into account the protection and aesthetics of the product During transportation, the safety and integrity of the oven needs to be guaranteed to ensure that the quality of the product is not affected.

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