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Temperature Range0-400°C 
Net Weight150kg
Gross Weight165kg
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Package  Dimension900*900*1850mm


The oven's flexibility and extensive cooking range,0-400℃, allows your establishment to cater to a wide range of food offerings, from grilling to roasting, impressing your clientele continuously.

●The heat-retaining properties of the oven ensure your fuel lasts longer, and the built-in temperature range helps reduce the heating time, increasing your kitchen's operational efficiency. This ultimately leads to cost savings in the long run.

●The use of charcoal in the oven imparts a unique smoky flavor to the food, reminiscent of traditional cooking methods. This shaves off the need for added artificial flavor enhancers, contributing to a healthier and more natural-tasting dish.

● The aesthetic appeal of this elevated charcoal oven brings an element of authenticity and charm to your establishment. Combine this with the delightful aroma and distinct taste that charcoal cooking imparts to food, enhancing the dining experience.

The elevated structure ensures that the heat source is securely placed, reducing the risk associated with traditional ground-level charcoal cooking. This is a crucial element in commercial kitchens where safety is paramount.

Made with high-grade Stainless Steel 304, the oven retains heat exceptionally well, reducing the need for constant refueling. This efficient function extends the cooking process per unit of charcoal, saving both time and resources, key to the operation of a commercial kitchen.

Aside from the tangible benefits on the operations side, the elevated charcoal oven significantly contributes to customer satisfaction. The unique flavor afforded by charcoal cooking cannot be replicated in standard gas or electric ovens. This unique selling point can be an influential factor in the competitive gastronomic market.

The Shinelong Elevated Charcoal Oven is a perfect fit for various culinary environments, from casual eateries to high-end restaurants, buffets, and hotel banquets. Its easy operational process, efficiency, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment, contributing to impeccable service delivery and an enriched dining experience.

In conclusion, the Shinelong Elevated Charcoal Oven is not just a kitchen appliance; it is an essential partner in your journey to culinary success. It promises to deliver consistent performance while elevating the inherent beauty of traditional cooking methods, wrapped in a contemporary, sleek design. Investing in one today equips you not only with a high-quality appliance but with a tool that can truly transform your culinary ventures.



Frequently Asked Questions about professional kitchen supplies


What is the use of charcoal oven?        


you can certainly use it for grilling, it is also possible to smoke vegetables, seafood, meats and even fruits. Plus, you can use different types of charcoal to provide different and unique tastes.


How do you control the temperature with charcoal?        


Many people think it's the amount of charcoal you use, but the answer lies with the air dampers. Adjusting the air dampers will increase or decrease your temperature. The more air going into the grill, the hotter the grill will get. The less air going into your grill, the cooler it will get.


How do we make charcoal hot?        


Fire needs oxygen to burn. So, open the lid, lid vent, and vents on the bottom of the grill to let in air to fuel the flames. This will help oxygen reach the coals once they're lit so they can burn hotter. Once they're fully lit, you can adjust the vent opening to control the cooking temperature.


Why is my charcoal not hot enough?        


Insufficient Air Flow, Efficient air circulation is crucial to keep the coals burning hot. To combat this issue, check your grill's vents—both at the bottom and on the lid.

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
    Tianan Headquarters Center, No.555 North Panyu Avenue, Donghuan Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • Main Industry
    Food & Beverage Machinery
  • Main Products
    Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Jean Yang
  • Total Employees
    201~1000 people
  • Annual Output Value
    USD 17,000,000
  • Export Market
    European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Latin America,Africa,Oceania,Japan,Southeast Asia,America
  • Cooperated Customers
    Marriotts,Hilton,Ramada,Gahna Hospital,etc
Company Profile
Shinelong Group includes Shinelong company which is a global commercial kitchen solution provider and Furnotel company which is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment.
Since 1998, Shinelong Group has started as a stainless steel workshop.
In 2008, Shinelong started to set up a professional service office and Furnotel brand center when realized the importance of the uniqueness of a brand. The team includes more than 50 persons, 25 of them in the pre-sales and after-sales service department, 4 of them in the products developing department, 3 of them in the quality control department, 3 of them in the marketing department, and the rest in the supporting department. From then on, Shinelong has devoted to manufacturing professional commercial kitchen equipment as well as A to Z solutions in F&B, catering, and central kitchen, till now, the service has been delivered to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, and more than 120 countries with more than 2800 cases.
Shinelong hopes to be a worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen equipment solutions. And Furnotel hopes to be a global leading brand of China commercial kitchen equipment.
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