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Since founded, has focused on providing customers with the finest products. Our professional employees are dedicated to satisfying customers' requirements relying on the most advanced equipment and techniques. Moreover, we have set up a service department which is mainly responsible for offering customers prompt and efficient customer service. We are always here to turn your ideas into reality. Want to know more information about our new product portable commercial dishwasher or our company, welcome to contact us at any minute.
With complete portable commercial dishwasher production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our portable commercial dishwasher, call us directly.
SHINELONG is an enterprise that pays close attention to improving manufacturing technologies and R&D strength. We are equipped with advanced machines and have set up several departments to satisfy the different needs of a large number of customers. For example, we have our own service department which can provide customers with highly efficient after-sales service. The service members are always standby to serve customers from different countries and regions, and willing to answer all questions. If you are seeking business opportunities or have an interest in our portable commercial dishwasher, contact us.
  • Gas Flat Griddle
    Gas Flat Griddle
    Dimension:550*500*520mmPower:5kW                Net Weight:25kg
  • New Design-Furnotel Upright Hot and Cold Holding Cabinet
    New Design-Furnotel Upright Hot and Cold Holding Cabinet
    Furnotel’s hot and cold holding cabinet is the new model of Furnotel’s food holding series, is the first dual-temperature model. This dual-temperature design has been applied for the Utility Model Patent. Furnotel’s design team developed this model for our hospital project in Ghana, so that hospital is able be supply hot and cold meal more easily. Double robust push handles located at both sides, more steady operating. Grey rubber bumper around baseplate. Lockable castors provide stabilizing.
  • Wok Stove With 1-Burner And 1-Warmer
    Wok Stove With 1-Burner And 1-Warmer
    Dimension:2100*1150*800+350mmPacking Size:2180*1230*1050Power:38kWGross Weight:405kg
  • Wok Stove With 1-Burner And 1-Boiler
    Wok Stove With 1-Burner And 1-Boiler
    Dimension:2100*1150*800+350mmpacking Size:2180*1230*1050Gas Type: NG/LPG
  • Mini Refrigerator
    Mini Refrigerator
    This mini refrigerator is a compact but powerful cooling solution designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens with limited space. Operating on a voltage of 220V and consuming only 50W of power, this refrigerator offers energy-efficient performance without compromising on cooling capacity. The mini refrigerator boasts a temperature range of 5~15℃, providing optimal cooling conditions for a variety of food and beverage items. With a capacity of 42L, it offers ample storage space for essential ingredients, beverages, or chilled products.Dimension:420*515*420mmPacking Size:460*530*460mm Capacity:42LVoltage:220V/50Hz
  • Uncover dishwasher
    Uncover dishwasher
    1. Model: EU-60E2. Dimensions: 725×750X1522mm3. Washing capacity: 60 (40) (30) baskets/hour4. Maximum washing height: 450mm5. Panel operation mode: touch type6. Power: 15. 8KW/380V (electricity) three-phase five-wire system≥ 6m㎡7. Cleaning pump power: 0.75KW8. Washing heating power: 3KW9. Water consumption: 2.5L/basket10. The diameter of the water inlet pipe is 6 (ft) and the diameter of the discharge pipe is 32m11. Water inlet pressure: 1.5-2bar, if it exceeds 3bar, a pressure-reducing valve needs to be installed (provided by other companies)12. Inlet water temperature: 10°-50°, depending on the configuration of the heater, the maximum inlet water temperature does not exceed 65°C 13. Inlet water hardness: 0.034-0.103g/L
  • X Series Electric 4-Hot Plate Cooker With Stand
    X Series Electric 4-Hot Plate Cooker With Stand
    Dimension:700*700*850+100mmPower:9.2kW Net Weight:47.3kg
  • Furnotel 350*560*280mm Electric 3-pan Bain Marie with 220-240V | SHINELONG
    Furnotel 350*560*280mm Electric 3-pan Bain Marie with 220-240V | SHINELONG
    Dimension:350*560*280mm Voltage:220-240V Power:1.8kW                                                               Gross Weight:12kg  
  • Korean Eight Flat Stoves
    Korean Eight Flat Stoves
    Dimension:1200*600+(130)*800mmGas Type: LPGPressure:2800PaMaterial: Stainless Steel 201, Cast Iron StoveThickness:0.8mm
  • Best BM20P Variable Frequency Mixer-220V with 20L  | SHINELONG
    Best BM20P Variable Frequency Mixer-220V with 20L | SHINELONG
    Variable Frequency Mixer compared with similar products on the market, has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.SHINELONG summarizes the defects of past products and continuously improves them. The specifications of the BM20P Variable Frequency Mixer can be customized according to your needs.Model: BM20P Dimension:610*460*930mmvoltage: 220V/1HP Rated power: 1.1KW 
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