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Overall Height(mm)

Single Stack:1061mm

Double Stack:1528mm


Width(mm)1178mm(1599mm with extension sheet plates)
Voltage220V-240V 3N, 380--415V 3N
Power/Per Deck9.8KW/12.3KW
Bake Time Range2-14min
Max. Operation Temp300℃
IP RatingIPX 3


 Shinelong Chain Pizza Stove is specifically designed to handle high-volume pizza production. With its robust build, generous size options like single, double, or tri-stack, and high power per deck, it's more than capable of meeting the demands of a busy commercial kitchen.

● Its bake time range (2-14 min) allows for increased productivity, as it can rapidly bake pizzas, making it a steadfast partner in high-demand situations.

●Moreover, with a maximum operation temperature of 300℃, it ensures baked-to-perfection pizzas consistently.

●The availability of single, double, or tri-stack variants brings in further flexibility, allowing you to choose a model that suits your expected customer demand. Hence, whether it's a high-demand dinner service or a slower, steady period, the Shinelong Chain Pizza Stove maintains high operational fluency and consistency in outcomes.

The power per deck is also noteworthy; at 9.8KW/12.3KW, this pizza stove is equipped for demanding, continuous use, while its voltage range caters to varying electrical frameworks. A maximum operational temperature of 300℃ facilitates high-heat, authentic pizza baking processes. This, combined with a 50/60Hz frequency range, assures that the oven operates effectively with stable power.

One remarkable feature of the Shinelong Chain Pizza Stove is its adjustable bake time, ranging from a rapid 2 minutes to a more gradually paced 14 minutes. This adaptability allows chefs to tailor the baking process to the specific type and style of pizza being prepared, ensuring optimal results every single time.

The Shinelong Chain Pizza Stove comes in three different stack models: single, double, and tri-stack.

The Single Stack model, with a height of 1061mm, is perfect for smaller kitchens or locations with moderate customer demand. It's less intimidating in size yet retains the power and versatility of its larger counterparts.

For busier commercial kitchens, the Double Stack model, standing at 1528mm, provides double the output capabilities while maintaining the same width and depth. It enables the simultaneous baking of pizzas in two different compartments, effectively doubling your production capacity.

For the highest-volume settings, the Tri-stack model stands at 1760mm height and offers maximum pizza output. This is ideal for the busiest commercial kitchens with high customer demand. The model manifests the ability to handle three independent pizza-baking processes at once, maximizing efficiency and output.

Now, let's contextualize its advantages within certain usage scenarios. In setups like catering events, buffet banquets, hotels, and dinner parties, anticipation of demand is sometimes variable. The Shinelong Chain Pizza Stove, with its versatile settings and performance capabilities, shines in these situations. It can rapidly turn out perfectly cooked pizzas during peak times, yet efficiently handle smaller, steady streams of orders during a slow shift. Its flexibility, speed, and consistency make it an indispensable tool for kitchens that need to deliver high-quality pizza time and time again.



Frequently Asked Questions about professional kitchen supplies


What can you cook in a chain pizza oven?        


A commercial chain oven is one of the fastest, most automated, and convenient methods of making pizza. Conveyor ovens are equipped with a large conveyor belt that passes through the oven cavity. The belt speed is adjustable as well as the upper and lower temperatures.


What can you cook in a conveyor pizza oven?    


They are perfect for hot sandwiches and subs, roasting vegetables, cooking chicken tenders, and nearly anything else that you would normally cook in a convection oven or snack oven! No matter what you are cooking, a new conveyor or impinger oven can increase throughput and optimize efficiency.


What are the benefits of a chain pizza oven?        


It offers faster cooking times than other ovens to make more pizzas in less time. Additionally, since these types of equipment offer even heating across all sides of the crust, they produce consistent food results each time—no more undercooked or unevenly cooked pizzas!


What is a conveyor oven used for?


Chain ovens, which use a belt to transport foods through a cooking cavity, cook products by blowing hot air from top and bottom heat sources. 

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
    Tianan Headquarters Center, No.555 North Panyu Avenue, Donghuan Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou
  • Main Industry
    Food & Beverage Machinery
  • Main Products
    Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Jean Yang
  • Total Employees
    201~1000 people
  • Annual Output Value
    USD 17,000,000
  • Export Market
    European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Latin America,Africa,Oceania,Japan,Southeast Asia,America
  • Cooperated Customers
    Marriotts,Hilton,Ramada,Gahna Hospital,etc
Company Profile
Shinelong Group includes Shinelong company which is a global commercial kitchen solution provider and Furnotel company which is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment.
Since 1998, Shinelong Group has started as a stainless steel workshop.
In 2008, Shinelong started to set up a professional service office and Furnotel brand center when realized the importance of the uniqueness of a brand. The team includes more than 50 persons, 25 of them in the pre-sales and after-sales service department, 4 of them in the products developing department, 3 of them in the quality control department, 3 of them in the marketing department, and the rest in the supporting department. From then on, Shinelong has devoted to manufacturing professional commercial kitchen equipment as well as A to Z solutions in F&B, catering, and central kitchen, till now, the service has been delivered to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, and more than 120 countries with more than 2800 cases.
Shinelong hopes to be a worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen equipment solutions. And Furnotel hopes to be a global leading brand of China commercial kitchen equipment.
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