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Shinelong group, includes shinelong company who is a global commercial kitchen solution provider and Furnotel company who is an expert in commercial kitchen equipment. Since 1998, Shinelong group starts as a stainless steel work shop. In 2008,Shinelong starts to set up a professional service office and Furnotel brand center when realizes the importance of uniqueness of a brand. The team includes more than 50 persons, 25 of them as pre-sales and after-sales service department, 4 of them as products developing department, 3 of them as quality control department, 3 of them as marketing department, the rest as supporting department. From then on, Shinelong devotes to manufacturing professional commercial kitchen equipment as well as A to Z solution in F&B, catering and central kitchen, till now, the service has been delivered to Middle East, Afria, Aisa, and Oceania, more than 120 countries with more than 2800 cases. Brand Furnotel, the slogan is bring gourmet to the world, means we hope furnotel can be a global brand, chefs around the world will serve gourmets cooked with Furnotel equipment to guests. Furnotel has been registered in China, UAE and Vietnam. Distributes to more than 20 countries with 13 offline showrooms, they are in UAE, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Vietnam, Panama, Tanzania, Mauritius and China. More than 5000 chefs are using Furnotel equipment. In 2016, Shinelong sets up a branch office in UAE displaying Furnotel brand equipments, serving customers around Middle East. There is showroom as well as warehouse, large quantity of stocks are stored there for local distributors and end users. Meanwhile, Shinelong does marketing through online social media along with offline exhibitions in UAE, Middle East and South East Asia. Shinelong hopes to be a worldwide leading enterprise devoted to commercial kitchen equipment solutions. And Furnotel hopes to be a global leading brand of China commercial kitchen equipment.

Product Introduction

Which is better planetary mixer or spiral mixer?

A quality planetary mixer should fit the needs of most independent or one-location operations, but when you get into high-volume dough needs, a spiral is an optimal choice. This doesn't mean a planetary wouldn't work but, but you can make larger batches with less labor and time with a spiral.


1. Check whether the fasteners of all parts of the machine are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened
2. Place the machine on the level ground which is not easy for other people to approach
3. The grounding mark at the lower part of the machine must be grounded reliably to avoid electric leakage
4. The user shall provide all pole disconnecting device (such as knife switch) to connect the machine cable
5. Close the knife switch and pull the switch handle to make the machine run in. The machine can be put into use without abnormal sound
Operating procedures:
First, pour the flour into the mixing barrel, add 50% water to stir, and mix for about 5 minutes. If the dough turns with the auger, sprinkle some dry flour to eliminate it. Attention: do not put your hand in when the machine is running
Maintenance procedures:
1. Check the fasteners of all parts frequently in use, and fasten them in time if they are loose.
2. When mixing flour, the amount of flour should not exceed the capacity of the flour barrel, so as to avoid damaging the motor.
3. If oil is found in the dough, it should be repaired in time and the oil seal should be replaced.
1. The machine should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to affect its reuse.
2. When cleaning, the height of adding water in the face barrel should not exceed the lowest point of the shaft, so as to prevent water from overflowing from the shaft hole of the side plate of the face barrel or flowing into the interlayer of the side plate, thus affecting the service life.
3. This machine is a drip proof appliance, and it is forbidden to clean it with water spray pipe.
1. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the flour barrel to stir the flour.
2. If the electrical switch is damaged, it should be replaced by a professional electrician.
After-sale service:
1. After purchasing the machine, please use and maintain it according to the manual.
2. The motor is guaranteed to be replaced for one year.If the machine is damaged due to the improper operation of the user, only the replacement fee will be charged.

Company Advantages

With consultant,design,engineer,after-sales team

Full range of products for commercial kitchen

10000㎡ factory, OEM available

20 years experience in commercial kitchen equipment

Certifications and Patents


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