How to Use Tech in a Commercial Kitchen

February 01, 2024

It is not easy to run a commercial kitchen! You need appropriate appliances, tools, and the right level of expertise to manage the workflow and effectively handle your customers' needs.


With high-tech kitchen equipment, it has become possible to bring innovation to your daily activities, improve food safety, and automate repetitive tasks.


If you have the budget, consider investing in some quality kitchen tech to help your staff stay ahead of the game. Here are some tech-infused equipment to make your life easier!


1. Food Safety Management Systems

If you want to give your customers an unforgettable dining experience, you must invest in a food safety management system. An FSMS can be anything from mobile applications and high-tech software to a series of appliances maintaining and regulating the food safety standards in your restaurant.


What is the purpose of food safety management systems? Well, they serve to identify, prevent, and minimize hazards associated with food. In simpler terms, these systems work to streamline the paperwork and regulation compliance related to food safety.


Now, you must be wondering how these systems can bring ease into your life as a restaurant owner. Check out the benefits of equipping your commercial kitchen with a food safety management system:


● You can minimize paperwork by integrating cloud technology into your kitchen. This means your staff will have an easier time doing inspections and recording the results.

● One function of a food safety management system is to remind restaurant staff when it is time to conduct inspections. This helps commercial kitchens maintain better food safety standards and improve the results of health inspections.

● Cloud technology and analytics allow you to decrease any sort of liability when it comes to food safety standards. You can keep meticulous records of the food you prepare and the ingredients and equipment you use.

2. Smart Ovens

Enter into the world of tech-infused cooking! One of the best ways to equip your kitchen with cutting-edge technology is by buying smart ovens. Think of a cooking system that has features like WiFi-enabled controls, temperature probes, automatic programs, real-time alerts, and voice control.


Smart ovens provide restaurants with an unconventional way to bake, roast, and cook!


When it comes to smart ovens, there are tons of options in the market–each with unique functions and characteristics. However, we have shortlisted two types of smart ovens that are perfect for a high-tech commercial kitchen!

Cook and Hold Ovens

If you find it time-consuming to set and check your oven each time you put something in it, consider getting a cook-and-hold oven. This equipment will do wonders for you in a commercial kitchen as you can simply set it once and forget about it.


This oven automatically comes to a holding temperature once the baking or cooking is done, so your food doesn't burn.


Here are some other reasons why should consider getting a cook-and-hold oven:

● As it uses radiant heating technology, the energy consumption is usually less.

● You can save a lot of space in your commercial kitchen by using a cook-and-hold oven. This equipment uses less heat, making the use of ventilation systems less necessary and saving space!

● Cook-and-hold ovens allow for more efficient and even cooking.

Smart Combi Ovens

Do you fancy a piece of equipment that can cook using convected heat, steam, and a combination of both? A smart combi oven is all you need in your commercial kitchen.


These ovens not only provide more cooking functions but also have cutting-edge features like hazard control and app control.


Here are some advantages of using a smart combi oven:

● It can reduce labor costs as you won't require a lot of staff to manually set the equipment.

● Combi ovens enhance food safety as they record Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

● Combi ovens can also save precious space in your kitchen as you won't be using two single-purpose ovens!

3. Smart Cold Food Storage Solutions

One of the biggest problems commercial kitchens face is maintaining an adequate temperature for food preservation. It is essential to keep your ingredients and food at the right temperature, so you can minimize running costs and ensure optimal food safety.


While traditional refrigeration equipment can do a fine job of keeping your food fresh, we can't ignore some factors that can cause fluctuations in temperature. Typically, unmanned doors, crevices in the refrigerator, and uncleaned coils are responsible for poor temperature regulation inside cold storage solutions.


If you wish to maintain high food safety standards in your commercial kitchen, consider getting an intelligent food storage solution!


These solutions allow you to easily monitor humidity and temperature inside food storage units. Not only that, these units notify the staff immediately in case ofany instability in the storage environment.


Smart food storage solutions often use multi-channel loggers or web-based applications to monitor and communicate temperature requirements!


4. Advanced Dishwashing Equipment

An efficient dishwater is essential for any commercial kitchen. But do you know that certain advancements in this technology have truly transformed the way you wash dishes in your restaurant?


A new line of dishwashers has arrived in the market that uses UV light instead of harmful chemicals to wash and clean dishes. This type of equipment promotes sustainability as well as a high level of hygiene.


Aside from that, you will also see many commercial dishwashing units with touchless processes. This means sensors and automated programs will run the dishwasher–eliminating the need for manual setup and reducing labor costs!


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