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What is fine dining restaurant?

Fine dining is a restaurant experience that is typically more sophisticated, unique, and expensive than one would find in the average restaurant. Industry analysis, trends and opportunities for fine dining restaurants.The food at a fine dining establishment will be of the highest quality, made with luxurious ingredients, and served in unique and beautiful presentations. The quality of the dishware and cutlery is also higher, and often the décor and even the architecture of the restaurant building is notable. The prices for fine dining are higher than at a casual restaurant, but you are paying extra for the higher quality in food, the ambiance and the highly trained staff, among other factors. Tips for waitstaff are expected.


Traditionally the most expensive dining experience

Typically multi-course

Elegant a la carte or prix fixe menu options

Popular during holidays or special occasions

Fine dining prices might seem out-of-reach at first. But it is usually the case that you get more for what you pay.

A few things help to explain the higher prices found at fine dining restaurants:

World-class chefs: Most fine dining restaurants employ acclaimed and renowned chefs, trained at some of the best chef schools and restaurants, who can create unique menus of delicious, high-class food.

Expert staff members: In addition to a quality chef, the waitstaff at these types of restaurants are generally more experienced and have extensive training in high-level service as well as knowledge about food, wine and more. Some establishments also have expert mixologists creating unique craft cocktails or sommeliers to curate the wine list and assist patrons in selecting the right wine for their meal. Due to their expertise, staff members are often paid higher wages at fine dining restaurants.

Top-quality ingredients: Quality is key at any fine dining restaurant, and chefs will seek out the best ingredients, working with local farmers or shipping in special ingredients from all over the world. Many of these exotic, rare and top-quality ingredients cost more. The rarity is reflected in the prices of menu items. Fine dining restaurants will also often have extensive wine lists with some very rare or hard-to-find bottles, as well as top-shelf liquors available at the bar.

On the other hand, everything about the atmosphere at a fine dining restaurant exudes high class. These types of restaurants can often be found in beautiful historic buildings and/or in gorgeous natural surroundings with great views from the dining rooms. The architecture and natural surroundings often set the tone before you even step foot in the restaurant.

The furniture inside a fine dining restaurant is classy looking and high-quality, often with some antiques in the mix. They may have high-quality artwork on the walls, tastefully arranged. Dining tables often are spaced a little farther apart than at casual restaurants, giving guests more room as well as more privacy. Tables at a fine dining establishment often have cloth tablecloths and may be set with cloth napkins and higher quality silverware and glassware. Stemmed water goblets and wine glasses may already be on the table when you arrive.

Many fine dining restaurants do not play background music. If they do play music, it’s usually classical, played at a low enough volume so as to not interfere with dinner conversations. It’s usually much easier to hear your dinner companions at a fine dining location. Sometimes the soft clinking of glassware and silverware adds to the sound ambiance of fine dining. The lighting is also carefully curated to not be too bright and to mimic the natural light outside. Some of the best fine dining restaurants dim the lights accordingly as the evening gets later and darker outside.

The staff at a fine dining restaurant often wear uniforms or dress more formally than servers at a casual establishment. You will often see all black, or black and white clothing on the waitstaff and a very professional appearance. Fine dining waitstaff are trained and experienced in giving just the right level of personalization and attention to every table, producing a great dining experience for each guest. Servers at a fine dining restaurant usually have fewer tables assigned to them, so they have more time and attention for the guests they serve.


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Usually it's 30 days, but when busy season,for example end of year, it will be 45 days


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Yes, we have engineer team for installation instruction, but it will be extra charged.


Why Furnotel price is higher than normal suppliers?        


Furnotel price is on Medium high level because of its material thickness,safety considerated finishing, operation-friendly design, long lasting spare parts,etc. In longtermship, help customers to save cost.


Is stainless steel magnetic?        


It is a common misconception that stainless steel is non magnetic. In fact, it depends on the type of stainless and the level of Iron within it and its crystal structure (ferrite or martensite).


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1. Online supporting,free spares parts by warranty 2. If there is distributor,there will be local support

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